• EM Survey on a River

    We use near surface Geophysical Methods
    to describe the earth's shallow subsurface

  • Drone Image with EM Overlay

    Advanced imaging technology allows
    characterization of surface features in new ways

  • Ground Survey using EM31

    Measure soil conductivity to determine
    extent of impact related to industrial activity

What We Can Offer

Top quality professional geophysical services customized to meet your needs.

Quick Response

We pride ourselves on our ability to mobilize quickly and will do everything possible to accommodate your schedule.

Dedicated Team

We are professional geoscientists and have completed thousands of geophysical investigations over the past 20+ years.

Safety First

Safety is our priority and are COR certified in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Quality Assurance

All aspects of our operations are regularly reviewed in-house to ensure we preserve the highest possible quality.

Featured Services

We offer a number of remote sensing methods to help characterize your site. Let us work with you to determine which methods are best-suited to meet your project goals.
Image of EM survey being conducted
An EM Survey is routinely used during environmental investigations to measure ground conductivity.
ERT Survey Image
Electrical resistivity tomography provides an image in cross-sectional format.
GPR Survey Image
Ground penetrating radar is a shallow looking technique that maps interfaces such as bedrock.
Satellite Imaging
Satellite imaging along with multi-spectral analysis can be used to identify subtle surface variations.
Drone or UAV Imaging
Our drones can monitor your event in real time and in high resolution.
3D Modelling and Volume Estimation
We can combine EM and ERT data sets to generate a volume of an elevated conductivity zone.